Trust Your Tap
Test With Spout

Spout tests your
water for lead at
home, easily and
in minutes

Trust Your Tap
Test With Spout

Trust Your Tap
Test With Spout

Spout tests your water at home for lead, easily and in minutes

There is no safe amount of lead in your water

Lead is a toxin that can have both immediate and long-term effects on the health and well-being of you and your children. Cognitive damage, kidney damage, bone and muscle problems and childhood learning disabilities can all be caused by drinking lead-contaminated water. Lead could be a problem in your home. Find out if your water is safe with Spout.

Lead Facts

Lead Facts

Lead Facts

How many homes are at risk?

22 million homes in the US have lead contamination concentrations that exceed US EPA standards

How do infants get exposed to high levels of lead?

40%- 60% of all lead exposure to children comes from tap water when it’s mixed with their infant formula

Is it federally mandated to test school drinking water for lead?

At least 6 million children in the US are actively being exposed to harmful lead in the drinking water at school. This statistic only accounts for the testing of 43% percent of US Schools. Currently, there is no federal law that requires testing of drinking water for lead in schools in the US

Spout Tests Better!

Accurate and

Fast and

Connected and

Accurate and Reliable

Spout is the most accurate and reliable in-home test for lead in drinking water.

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Fast and Simple

Spout is simple to use and provides easy to understand results in a matter of minutes.

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Connected and Vigilant

Spout enables you to receive alerts and share results about lead contamination in your community, town or city.

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Spout is the most accurate in-home test for lead in drinking water. Spout detects lead in water at concentrations at or below 1 part per billion. There is a bit of confusion surrounding what level of lead in water is safe; The US Environmental Protection Agency has set a standard for safe drinking water at concentrations of lead below 15 parts per billion.

The Food and Drug Administration has established a limit of 5 parts per billion for lead concentration in bottled water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated unequivocally that there is NO safe level of lead in drinking water. Spout enables you to decide what safe levels are for YOU and your family. Spout is the most reliable lead test on the market. Spout tests for both forms of lead contaminants.

There are two forms of lead that cause harm, dissolved lead and particulate lead. Most test- kits only test for dissolved lead but don’t have the capability to detect the more dangerous form of lead, particulate lead. Spout is the only test available on the market that tests for both dissolved and particulate lead.  If ANY lead is in your water, Spout will find it!


The spout smartphone app provides simple step-by-step instructions and delivers fast, clear answers- so you’ll know quickly if your water is safe. Current lead detection kits on the market require the user to fill up vials with water and send samples in via US mail. This can be a hassle, but also can waste valuable time in finding out about the safety of your water. Spout is convenient, no mailing in water samples or waiting weeks for results. Receive definitive results on -demand and know if your water is safe in real- time.


Spout alerts you immediately when lead contamination is found in your community, town, or city. Spout alerts will enable you to easily monitor how lead crises in your community, town, city or state may affect the water coming into your home. We help aggregate and share critical results about lead in drinking water with your community and other Spout users.

Spout’s open-sourced lead information will help communities rally together for cleaner, safer water. Spout’s lead maps are a critical tool in the solution for repairing and mitigating lead issues and larger infrastructure problems that affect the water system in this country.

New and Old Homes Can Have Lead

Spout tests for lead in three critical places that impact drinking water quality in the home.

Spout - Sfe water starts here diagram

Test Your Faucets

Old faucets and fixtures can leach lead into your drinking water

Test Your Pipes

Lead pipes can introduce lead into your drinking water

Test Your Water Line

Lead lines leading into the home can contaminate drinking water and put your health at risk

SafeSpout Water In Home Lead in Water Quality Test Result

Spout is Connected Simple Fast Convenient

  1. Purchase Spout lead testing device and download the Android or iPhone app

  2. Follow step-by-step instructions to test anywhere you drink water

  3. Watch Spout analyze, detect and display real-time lead results

  4. Compare your data with other Spout users and receive alerts that help to protect your community

  5. Receive product and solution recommendations from Spout to solve lead contamination issues

Get notified when Spout becomes available in your area.

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